Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Oh man, will I be glad when it is officially summer! Being this busy and commuting is really hard. I did have some time to go onto the etsy site today and I found this BEAUTIFUL hand cochineal dyed and hand woven wearable (but I wouldn't) art piece. It's fantastic. This person spent months making this. I love art when the artist truly hand makes everything. It just adds a bit of the persons soul to it. Cochineal, a small red insect that lives and dies on a piece of cactus, offers a huge range of dye colors; from a light pink to purple to magenta to a deep crimson red! You can order cochineal insects online from Oaxaca, Mexico.

In the summer time, when I'm not bogged down by making up lesson plans and activities, blogs will become more frequent and regular. Blogs are great. They act like permanent sticky notes of special finds so I'm always reminded of them. 

Going back a little bit...shortly after I posted information about Ikat weaving, Pier 1 Imports also released into their stores Ikat printed pillows! They're really quite beautiful. Unfortunately, Pier 1 doesn't have them on their website but I will take pictures of them next time that I am there and post them. 

SoCal is HOT! Stay Cool.

Until next time

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