Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Acceptance Day

I've been super busy lately with school BUT today I met with my advisor and I'm on way to graduation! On May 1st...I'm turning in my Request to Graduate form! YES!!!!

 Today was Acceptance Day in the Art Education Department today. Students from the Transitional class, who are mentally disabled or have severe learning disabilities, participated in making a quilt. They all created their own square about accepting others for who they are, about peace, and about loving one another. They came out FABULOUSLY! After finishing their squares they invited other students on campus to also participate in our quilt making. 

Celia and I were the official seamstresses and sewed almost 200 squares together to make 3 awesome quilts. One of the quilts made in past years is currently hanging at the State Capitol. Hopefully, one of this years quilts will hang at the Nation's Capitol. Here are some of the
 squares from today. They're great!

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