Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just Starting Out

Hello. My name is Valerie, though most call me Val. I love all arts and that includes fine arts, crafts and D.I.Y. projects. If I see something in a store I usually end up thinking of my own way of making it. As a result of this love of all handmade treasures I have started this blog to show the world my ideas and the ideas of others that I find creative and unique. My sister, Michelle, has also motivated me to start this blog and is also a key element in starting an Etsy site, also called BlackCloudDesigns. She is also designing all of the graphics for BCD.  The Etsy site should be up and running in a few short weeks. I'll let everyone know when we finally launch it!   
I'd like to start out by letting everyone know about this great documentary, Handmade Nation, about the uprise of the D.I.Y. movement and features some artists around the nation. I think it's really great that people are really getting back into handmade items. In a world where almost everything is manufactured it is so refreshing to see hard work and effort put into something so simple and comes out better than what a factory can do. It's in most major theaters now so there is no excuse to not go see Handmade Nation!  


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