Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Best Store EVER

The Paper Source is probably one of my favorite stores to go into. I can totally lose myself in all of the D.I.Y projects, book making supplies, craft tools, paper, embellishments, books, gift ideas, sets of paper, stationery, letterpress, and so much more! I can spend hours just looking at everything and getting inspired. Their store motto is also amazingly inspiring. "Do something creative everyday." I try to live by this motto and so far it works out pretty great. Ahhh! I love this store!

They have a few convenient locations here in SoCal and the one in Pasadena is pretty awesome but the Costa Mesa location is the best one so far. 

The Paper Source also has some of the best folded note cards I've seen. Their patterns and quality of great and fun to keep on hand. You never know when you'll need to write a quick thank you note, last minute birthday card, or just a hello! If you're not sure how to write a fabulous handwritten note, refer to The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepherd. You can find it on Amazon for only $10.88

Happy Writing!


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