Friday, August 14, 2009

Hot Weenies!

I was recently commissioned to hand craft a pillow that would be an accent to a bedroom. The client wanted the pillow to have printed dachshunds (she has the cutest wiener doggie, Friday) on it in a color to match her master bedroom, a sort of fresh blue green. This is what it ended up looking like and a peek at my processes.

v. Some of the materials that I used.

^. Initial printed design.

v. Testing out what a few sequins would look like.

^. Finished pillow with an invisible zipper.
v. Just look how cute that it on a window sill.

Like I have said plenty of times before. How you present anything, from a gift to a product for a client, it needs to be presented neatly, professionally, and free from errors. As always, it needs to reflect yourself and be creative.

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  1. This pillow is beautiful. And the packaging is really nice too. The client must have been very pleased!


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