Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Gold Bug

The Gold Bug in Pasadena is just the greatest kept secret in Old Town. Every time I go in it is like stepping into an alternate world and I'm sucked in by the amazing art and Entomology. I just want to live in this store. I think this is #2 on my favorite stores list (The Paper Source is #1).

Did you know....

You can read the full text of Edgar Allan Poe's, "The Gold Bug" HERE.

Someone please buy me these 3 things :-)

Chalcasoma Atlas




18K Gold & Sterling Silver Lotus Pod Earrings


And this weird seahorse thing with butterfly wings. This is not the actual piece of art but if you go's in the window and it's AMAZING!!!!!!


  1. Hello.
    un petit coucou en Suisse.
    Going to Ste Marie aux Mines, en Alsace France, to see the patchworks exibitions, there was exibit knitting insects Absolutly extravagant ! can you emagine, knitting on pins ? so small ! I will taught about, when i will finish the reportages about France and Norway.
    Then, I will taught about patchworks.
    Hello from Lausanne, Switzerland from a d├ęcoratrice.


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