Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crafting Bug

Once the craft bugs's all over. I have the crafting bug. I've been non-stop with with making different things, totes, scarves, cushions, pillows. My next mountain...a dress. We shall see about that one.

Aren't my puppies just so cute?!?!?!?

This is Nora! She's chihuahua and Italian greyhound.

This was a super easy DIY project and much much cheaper than finding and buying a cushion to match decor and our likes.

Well. With the same fabric that I used for Michelle's tote bag (see last post) from Ikea's Cecilia collection I made a set of cushions for the bench by the window. It looks directly out onto the street so it's definitely a hot spot for our two chihuahua mixes and my cat, Atwood.

This is Elphie (named after Elphaba from the book Wicked). She's chihuahua and we think dachshund.

I found a piece of soft foam at JoAnn's Fabrics that measured 2"x 17"x 15" . This meant that I needed 6 different pieces of fabric to cover all the sides of the foam. I allowed a 1/4" seam allowance. For your custom cushion sizes just add a 1/2" to all your measurements. I also put a zipper in so that the covers can be taken off and washed if they get dirty or a doggie bladder accident happens :-)

2- 2.5" tall x 17.5" wide
2- 2.5" tall x 15.5" wide
2- 15.5" tall x 17.5" wide
1- zipper

Sew the zipper on first to one of the 2.5" tall x 17.5" wide sides. Sew on all sides with right sides together to one of the 15.5" tall x 17.5" wide sides. Sew on remaining side. Super super simple. And there you have it! A fabulous custom made cushion. If anyone has questions feel free to send me a message :-)

Happy Crafting

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