Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Amy Gross

So, I recently found this artist, Amy Gross. Her work is absolutely beautiful. Much more beautiful than anything that I have ever done.  I discovered her work in the current issue of Fiber Arts Magazine.

I really love the idea of a micro/macro set up. A lot of my personal artwork has to do with the concept of finer detail such a stitching, beading, and paper foldings that make up something that is much larger in scale. The concept of micro/ it large scale? Small scale? I love fine fine detail that makes up something much larger. I find it quite fascinating.

I did two pieces of artwork that looks similar to hers. I took an abalone shell and interpreted it in my own creative way.

I also have a few pieces that have a similar theme where there are hundreds of smaller individual pieces that make up a larger whole. 

I'll post those later. Maybe at the end of the week.
Happy Hump Day


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